Monday, June 5, 2017

I Exist

I'm real.
I exist.
I want to continue comics things.
I have a new book coming out.

Nothing else clever.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Friday, June 24, 2016

Spider Shark

Spider-Shark is basically the manifestation of my ego. A giant rotting fish composed of slowly escaping, foul-smelling gas that is powering a clumsy robot.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Longer Lists!

Lengthier list of projects with some descriptions. This isn't even everything - I'm also working on two pilots and a film script:

Sky Crossing
Fantasy series about a bunch of high school students drawn into a fantasy world – it's just that it's Ten-Ghost's world. Will be more traditional “fight bad guys, be awesome, has lots of tropes” type stuff. And character growth, obviously. One kid learns to un-learn his violent tendencies and to be a magician and gets to pal around with a crazy old man who is literally trying to outwit Death for a few more weeks (he wants to go on his own terms). One kid is turned into a local girl and discovers he's supposed to be joining a powerful family as the daughter of the matriarch – princess story, except the princess has no idea what the hell is going on. The girl who got picked up with him must come to terms with the idea that her role in this isn't pink and fluffy, and she needs to woman up and get an axe. One kid learns she is a spirit in human form – the ehskoojee – god-in-flesh, and must learn to reconcile that with her previously held beliefs, largely by teaching the boy – a griffin otherkin coming to terms with a challenge to his own beliefs – who got picked up with her how to use the scientific method on things.
Will span several volumes. Volume 1 complete and can be read, but needs heavy work.

Spider Series
Takes place in Aesca/Ten-Ghost's world. Coming of age literary shit.
Spider & Turtle: “You are not always in control, even of your own actions.” Ikasa Spider is awkward, selfish, dealing with anxiety and depression issues, and a teensy bit manic, but brilliant. Her family loses its magician store due to the ongoing depression and moves in with their grandmother in Fort Hammock. Ikasa inherits a turtle mummy that contains the Spider family's “greatest shame” and must deal with the issues it presents without losing herself in the process.

Spider & Alligator: “Hard work does not equal success.” Ikasa tries to work hard and be responsible to purchase a high-cost music player at the general store; fails.

Spider & Maize-Cutter: “Poverty doesn't teach people to be resourceful or thrifty – it only teaches them how to be poor.” Ikasa hooks up with the maize-cutters, another, alien sophont that lives in the jungles nearby the human settlements. She comes up with a money-making scheme selling them human cultural artifacts for gems and is eventually caught due to her carelessness with both selling and buying goods.

Spider & Stone Man: “You are your own worst.” Ikasa's money problems get her in trouble with a local gang, who chase her into the abandoned town shrouded in fog next to Fort Hammock. There she encounters the Stone Man, who, through violence and threats and emotional manipulation, keeps her there, digging in the ground for his lost finger. Ikasa must face herself to find the strength to escape.

Spider & Potter Wasp: “People change. You can find good people in the worst places.” Ikasa hooks up with an old friend from her childhood – Potter Wasp – doing work in a contested area outside the country. They do a bit of Peace Corps style stuff until they're captured and put to work in a camp, and Potter Wasp betrays her trust. Ikasa decides to help the insurgents due to intelligence reports she illegally read.

Spider & Ikasa: Ikasa goes to the planet Ikasa to face her destiny. Sword and planet, with literary stuff. Haven't decided yet.

Folk Devil: Ten-Ghost part the deuce, mandrake boogaloo. Ten-Ghost now has a sprog to watch after, who asks too many questions and thinks she is a horrible person (protip: she is). They become trapped in a town going down a spiral into quarantine and infection, and Ten-Ghost must uncover the source of the infection before the military steps in with flamethrowers and napalm.

Ascalon: Series of short stories about a perfectly normal girl who discovers she is a dragon – and that dragons must build people up and then horrifically break them in order to feed, and how she finds loopholes in the system.

BDO-Z (tentative name): Miniatures painter/model builder Claire is picked up by a massive space station/structure and must escape the machinations of Granule 2, as well as its winged minions. She travels through the station, meeting up with a mechanical armature missing its core memory and processor, a cyborg with horrible depression, and a member of a warrior culture who despises conflict, all in the hopes of finding a coder that can help her get home.

Thank You Notes to My Assassins: NEW AND EXPANDED

Friday, February 12, 2016

Other Things

A list of other things I'm working on right now.

Sky Crossing (series of chapters to be released on Kindle; fantasy)

Spider and Turtle (manuscript finished, shopping for agencies; fantasy)
Spider and Alligator (manuscript begun)
Spider and Maize-Cutter (ten-page done, summary done)
Spider and Stone Man (ten-page begun, summary done)
Spider and Potter Wasp (summary done)
Spider and Ikasa (conceptualization begun)

Folk Devil (Ten-Ghost sequel)

Things are going slowly because I have the self-esteem of a rotten turd.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Which Can Eternal Blog...

Do you ever feel, in your caves of steel,
The chill of an ancient fear?
Do you shudder and say, when you pass this way,
A human once walked here?

They've cut off our heads, but we're not dead,
And we're bound by an ancient vow.
That does not sleep which dreams in the deep,
We're the Great Old Ones now!
— Ken Mac Leod, Newton's Wake

Friday, August 30, 2013


Dear Sky-Touching Nightravens
Thank you for the nice assassin; was disappointed at first, moment where he appeared and had me tied to chair after I slept with archaeologist to get information in France, he was wearing nice suit. Thought he was going to torture me, but he struck up pleasant intelligent conversation and told me exactly why I had to be removed while slowly removing suit. Thought he might go for lowest common denominator once the pants came off. Was wearing little dog collar boxers and had a swastika tattoo on his left arm! Then said "and for some of us, that savagery is damnably hard to deal with" then shapeshifted into ten foot tall werewolf! Very classic, but also with nice twist! Nearly killed him with silver letter opener, he escaped out window with scar to his eye, hope to meet him again on zeppelin ride toward Himalayas where we will banter. Thumbed you again on RottenOmertas.

To: Shadow Demon Mafia
Did not like most recent succubus. Thank you for attempt anyway; I may swing both ways but I know a honeytrap when I see it. "Fiery death form" was still very sexy, and fight would have looked very cheesy to onlookers. Thumbed you down, but still looking forward to next time.

To: Ancient Serpent Cult
I don't know the name of your organization, but I'm very impressed with the way your cultists set a trap for me involving "friendly" village in need of rescue. The bit with the glowing motionless statues that yet followed me into the jungle was quite frightening and rather original. Nearly lost an arm! VERY impressed!

Dear Knife-Blackness Hand
I don't know who keeps putting you up to this, but your stealth assassins are incredible! Thank you for the most recent attempt which livened up an otherwise dull evening at the theater. I hate opera and it was very fun to throw knives back and forth in the kitchen, we shared a turkey and he tried to poison it a couple of times while I was watching. Very bold! And he looked amazing coated in oil. Right before I locked him into the steamer, anyway. As always, hug and kisses!

Dear Sky-Touching Nightravens
Brooklyn assassin in a fedora with the callsign "Two-Bit" and the ability to levitate a single 25-cent coin and fling it around rooms with the force of a high caliber bullet? AMAZING! Thank you so much for the experience! Also, I love the fruit basket. Checked it for bugs and poison, not a thing! Much love and kisses. Maybe some day we'll be forced to work together to prevent the world from being destroyed by a mistake from someone in your hierarchy, I look forward to your inevitable yet extremely classy betrayal (or your attempts to hire me! Kisses!).

Dear Black Star Crew
Please stop attacking my house. Actually called Sky-Touching Nightravens operative on the phone during the attack and we both complained about you while your assassin tried to kill me with minigun on the front lawn. Trying to kill me while in the bathtub, especially when I am not working on a case involving your organization shows no class at all and makes you seem desperate.

To: Ancient Serpent Cult
Normally I am not pleased with attacks on my home, but your attempts to recover the unearthly serpent totem from my home were very well orchestrated, that you recovered it without harming any of the books or other pieces in my conservatory impressed me heavily and I had trouble sleeping knowing that you could enter my home at any time and leave very little trace of your presence aside from telltale acidic stains which I recognized from the abandoned village where I had originally recovered the item. Well done, and I hope to uncover the mystery of your origin and purpose with time. Hugs and kisses!

Dear Black Star Crew
Thanks to my recovery of the Brisingamen and returning it to the Aesir, I have been granted a boon by these ancient beings and am now immune to all poison and venoms that would harm me in such a manner as to slay me. Please bear this in mind for future plans and stop killing my maids. Thank you.