Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Alright, I finally got the archive and the front page to update, everything should be good now; Thursday and Friday's comics are up to date.

Progress on chapter six is going a little slower than expected, but it should be done before chapter five runs its course. Five is the last chapter in book one, and chapter six is about the acquisition of the ridiculously large magical girlfriend harem animu house. Being Lovecraft country, of course, the house has secrets of its own. Terrible secrets.

Arkham, in Lovecraft country, is disturbingly close to Beverly, and Clark's Corners is between the two. Beverly and Salem are now almost a contiguous urban sprawl, and it makes sense that the neighboring towns continue this trend, especially with the prestigious universities nearby. In this particular "setting," Glaston contains Clark's Corners and Arkham areas with Kingsport. If you head west up Yankee Division, and then get on Aylesbury, you can get to Dunwich (and the Glowbury area) in a matter of a half hour or less, but it's still an old, creepy place. Arkham Asylum has become a tourist attraction (it's "haunted," they say, and had a lot of high profile patients at one point), but the transition to a modern town has made a lot of the region fall into a new, more open and gentle array of people and places. This does not, however, obviate it from still being Arkham, and the transition of Miskatonic University into a branch of Massachusetts University has not obviated its libraries and halls from harboring the strange and unearthly.

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