Monday, August 9, 2010

Six-Gun Gorgon Dynamo

Inside joke, very obscure. It's funny to all the maybe fifty people who know it.

For the rest of you, the internet is wide open, I'm certain you can figure it out.

I had a bit of a slow week here, and only managed to get eighteen pages of the next chapter finished. I hope to at least get it done before this one runs its course, but I don't know how successful I'll be. I just know that if I start to slip, it will never stop, and I'll never get this thing out one day at a time. If that ever happens, I will still post as often as possible, probably in batches.


  1. Easily one of their best songs.

  2. My favorites include that one, Blackout, Some Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, Sounds of Tindalos, Ogdru Jahad, and Burrow Your Way to My Heart.

    ...and Nyarlathotep, for the rocking in Middle Egyptian.

  3. I've only got two of the albums, Let Sleeping Gods Lie and Cthulhu Strikes Back. I enjoy Goin Down to Dunwich, the Innsmouth Look, Worship Me Like A God, Protein, and Six-Gun Gorgon Dynamo. It's all good though.

  4. Well, to be honest, I like pretty much every song they've done, myself, those are just the ones I like the most. Chunk is another good one, and Please God No is what I'd peg for an opening theme if this were an actual series.

  5. Well this is a damn good series you got going here sir. Makes me want to read my Necronomicon compilation just to brush up on my Lovecraft so I can identify certain things.