Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Status

I have gotten my hands on the final copy of Ten-Ghost. It looks good, I approve, and am going to be getting thirty more copies of my own. This means that in about six weeks, it'll show up on Amazon as available. Everything is awesome, though I've been told my name is suited more for hard SF than fantasy.

I do have a few places I'm going to be sending one of the thirty copies I'm getting; otherwise, I'm not sure what to do with the rest.

Any ideas?


  1. Well, that depends on what your goal as a writer is.
    If you want as many people to read it as possible, you should probably donate them to libraries.
    If you want to maximize profit, you should sell them on the internet for less than they could be bought commercially but more than your cut would be from somebody else selling commercially.
    Or, of course, you could give them out to your loyal fans...

  2. I'd vote the library route. Get them out there to places that might not pick it up right away. Expose people to your awesomeness in a way that doesn't involve trench coats and police involvement.