Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bracing for It

I've had a pretty good week, despite the fact that I've had barely any time to do anything, or any time for myself. On the plus side, I have a name for the Ten-Ghost sequel. It's Folk Devil, and I think the name sums up the content quite nicely, or at least, the self-perceived content. I've dug out my draft papers and gone over them with Opabinia, who likes it very much. I also got to meet with the cover artist today, who is agush with how awesome his work looks in print.

Anyway, this decision. It was a painful one to make, and it still is. Continuing, however, was a lot more painful. I reach a point in almost anything I write where I spend months on end antagonizing over every detail to the point where I find myself sobbing in a corner holding shredded pieces of paper. After trying several times to start this next chapter and suffering a complete mental breakdown each time, I'm taking a break. I will be back, probably after the summer, depending on how far I get with the next novel (and whether or not I actually take some art classes in the meantime), and I will still be updating this space with my mental and physical progress.


  1. I will definitely miss the Ow My Sanity webcomic. I love your take on the Cthuhlhu Mythos, and your side-posts on the psychologies of the Mythos beings. Get some rest at the asylum, maybe visit a sage, recover your SAN as best you can with your obviously very high Mythos skill, and then come back and finish the tale. Hopefully your friends will find it and publish it after you are carried off screaming by nightgaunts! ;-)

  2. An incredibly good comic...I look forward to when you can come back to it, Have a good break!

  3. I look forward to this one coming back. Hopefully you'll get back to the point where you have a much fun making it as your fans have had reading it.

  4. Take care of yourself, man. That level of stress isn't good for you, so we'll wait patiently, wishing you well. Haven't seen you too much ingame, either, but if things are tight I totally understand.

    Do what you need to, to get back on track.


    (@AlishaShatogi on Virtue - just realized using my google account shows my name rather than screenname. Whups.)

  5. I miss the OMS gang, but I know they will be back..(by the way, Mellie wants to know where Narla is:P)

    See ya in game, dude!

    Lydskitty aka Mellie