Sunday, December 25, 2011

State of the Everything

I have two novels in the works. One is psychologically harmful to work on, but will help me in the long run. It will never sell. The other is tripe, fun to work on, and not very good at all. I think it has a great opportunity to sell.

I am still doing plotting, scripting, and layouts for OMS. I just don't have the time to actually try to draw them, which I am shitty at, anyway.

I've gone back to therapy in order to work out the issues I'm having with life in general, and am on sleep aids now. A lot of this has to do with finally confronting a wide variety of problems I've had re growing up, going outside, and so on.


  1. Well, hopefully, have a happy new year! May next year is better than this year!

    While I like reading OMS very much and always eager to wait for next update. It is not important as sorting out your life.

    So I hope next year go better for you!


  2. I don't think your drawing is (as you put it) 'shitty'. Quirky, yes, charming, yes, but 'shitty' no. It came from your brain, not your butt:P

    Having said this, if you don't have the time to draw them, have you ever thought of getting another collaborator (who could also draw?)

  3. but having said all that....(you didn't think I was done, did you?) it's most important to get your life back in order.

    Just like I need to start going back to counseling. And writing.

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  5. May your 2012 be a big improvement on 2011. Cheers!