Friday, February 12, 2016

Other Things

A list of other things I'm working on right now.

Sky Crossing (series of chapters to be released on Kindle; fantasy)

Spider and Turtle (manuscript finished, shopping for agencies; fantasy)
Spider and Alligator (manuscript begun)
Spider and Maize-Cutter (ten-page done, summary done)
Spider and Stone Man (ten-page begun, summary done)
Spider and Potter Wasp (summary done)
Spider and Ikasa (conceptualization begun)

Folk Devil (Ten-Ghost sequel)

Things are going slowly because I have the self-esteem of a rotten turd.


  1. Like your work, looking forward to reading a Ten-Ghost sequel!

  2. What are these Spider and X works about? It's nice that you updated your blog, but could you give us some more information than a listing of names?

    1. I will do a second post with more details soon, sound cool?

    2. Sorry about the delay! All updated now. Got more things in the pipe, will update when I can get around to it.

  3. Would love to see more Ow My Sanity webcomic. :)

  4. Likewise! I think it's still my favorite harem comedy ever, even unfinished.