Saturday, September 11, 2010

David's Parents Are Disbelieving

They wonder why he can't be successful, like his brother, or attend college for a real purpose, like his sister.

I was toying with the idea of her going to the same college, but that's one more character I don't want to have to write for, even though she's the only family member who really tries to care, even if she doesn't understand him. There's obviously a conclusion everything is building up to, and I'm almost one sixth of the way there (another 24 pages and I will be). Even so, it feels monumental, and I keep rearranging later chapters in the hopes that it will make things easier on me.

I've already planted a few clues as to what's going on here and there... and a really big one sometime in early August, so much so that it's almost a spoiler (but I won't tell you which one it is). Rest assured, though, that even if everything looks fine right now, it's just a build up to the inevitable Lovecraft ending. I mean, it is a Lovecraft comic, I should have a Lovecraft ending, right? I think I've even figured out a way to make it seem a little hopeful regardless, though, so there's that.


  1. I love the setup you're building in this story. Mindless praise aside, did anyone mention to you that the opening page for Chapter 8 reads as "Chapter 9" instead?

  2. Yeah, I know... I tried fixing it, but the upload won't take. I'll continue to work at it.

  3. Will there be an Ow My Sanity! 2 once you get done with Ow My Sanity!?

  4. Interestingly enough, I do have an outline for a second go. I don't want to spoil too much, but it would have to be with an almost entirely different set of characters, and it would focus on how humans are now on the Outer Gods' list of "items of interest." Which is not a good thing.

  5. David is either utterly unaware of naked (and not entirely human looking) Nancy, or he's so unflappable that he should be an honorary Englishman.

    As for the Lovecraft ending, I'm of two minds (how appropriate) about it. It would be nice if Dave made it out with some semblance of a happy end, riding off into the sunset with Nancy...
    Then again, maybe he rides off into the starscape with Nancy, leaving his unsightly earthly shell behind...

  6. Annnnnd, I think I've worked out the most likely ending. Bit of a spoiler those spoilers >.<

    *Insert witty comment about possible ending here*

    Not saying it, because really it is spoilers AND I could be wrong and do not want to embaress myself.

  7. Oh come now, my friend. Nobody minds a bit of spoilers, especially if they're reading past my comment, now knowing full well that there will be spoilers beneath it.

    /is utterly unable to figure it out.

    Or, rather, I have a couple of ideas, but I desperately hope that you've thought of something different.