Tuesday, September 21, 2010


As a side note, I would like to apologize for this chapter. I really would. Next one is better, I promise. It's a little difficult to deal with a new character, in addition to having been rushed through that month, so a majority of the art suffered.


  1. My day this far:

    9:30 Discover Ow, My Sanity through TV Tropes.
    9:31 Start reading your webcomic
    11:09 Finish reading entire archive in a classic archival binge.
    11:10 Bookmark site for future visitations.
    11:11 Discover your blog, enjoy entries. Bookmark!

    This is fantastic, I'd love to see it in print some day!

  2. Like AgentOracle I followed the connections from TV Tropes. I read the whole thing, it's great! Are you interested in having folks, and by that I mean me, trying to guess the comic's plot here on your blog?
    By the by, I've always had a fondness for monster-girls but this is the first time it's been evoked by a Lovecaftian Horror.

  3. I won't stop you, if that's what you're getting at. I got an e-mail a while back asking if I was going to put up a forum just for that sort of thing, but I'm still undecided about that.

    I was so excited when I saw the TV Tropes entry for the first time (ok, I'm still excited that it's there), and I'm glad it's dragging people here.

    Thanks for the positive feedback, though. As my friends will know, I have the self esteem of a slug on downers, and this stuff helps a lot.

  4. What is David's hair color anyway? We've got color pictures of several of the "female" leads, but none of our intrepid hero!

    Also, a TVtropes page? Gonna check that out!

  5. Got here via TVtropes, too.
    Good comic, even some humor there :)
    (I love humor/Lovecraft combos,
    "The Call of Whatever" is another
    ComicGen comic I used to enjoy...)

    I like how you subvert the "Magical Girlfriend" trope - and I'm impressed that you manage 5 updates per week.

    This comic is one I'll definitely follow :)

  6. Cool! I checked out your devart account, even watched you. Cool stuffs!

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