Monday, January 30, 2012

Fire is the Monster's Enemy

Lucy Alraune Greeble, Ten-Ghost
Finishes the Test Satisfactorily
Breaks the Rules by Obeying

I said she looks weird in the novel... kinda. There are parts of her anatomy that just aren't relevant or that she pays attention to, and since the whole thing is third-limited, they don't come up.

She doesn't have nipples or primary sexual characteristics. Her bones are all wrong. If she puts clothes on it all looks normal. If she bleeds, it stops being blood once it hits the air away from her body, turning into dirt/rocks/sticks/acorns/junk you find if you dig in the dirt under a hangin' tree. She's covered in stitches from both herself and others. She has an autopsy Y scar. Her left arm is noticeably a little bigger than her right.


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