Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Write on Sleeping Pills Sometimes

I am on sleep aids. Sometimes I will take them while still doing some writing, then go to sleep when they kick in. Sometimes I just keep writing, then come back the next day, knowing full well what I thought I was writing.

I am usually wrong. Here is an example.

What I wrote:

“Your haven't scene this creed for my pokes, bow!” it spite, and look for the lair to try around the dray basic, snooping up morbid for the alligators. “I am your drought ton, again? You have cowed me, so do not complain about bringing your mighty fate!”

What I meant:

“You haven't seen the speed of my strikes, boy!” it spat, and took to the air to fly around the dry basin, scooping up mouthfuls of alligators. “I am your dragon, then! You have called me, so do not complain about what you think you might face!”


  1. Your first version reads like some of the link spam I'm getting on my wordpress blogs.

    1. Maybe some spammers intend their words to actually be understood, and only the force of drugs transforms them into horrors!

      ...or maybe that's what they get for translating things in and out of Babel Fish ten times? Dunno.