Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Steak Restaurant at the End of Florida

I have a friend who stops by on the weekends to hang out with myself and my roommate (also we drive across town and pretend to hate on elves or else run away from cyclopean monstrosities). He's a laser technician, which fits right in with our fantasy writer and helicopter pilot/five star chef/martial artist/son of a Hawaiian stripper ninja princess (I'm not freaking kidding; my roommate is nuts). Anyway, it so happens that said friend sometimes gets a horrible hankering for steak. I am not a steak fan. In fact, I am not a beef fan, but hey, some people like that sort of thing and more power to them. I prefer to keep my Thaxtonian colon as intact as I can in preparation for its eventual attempts to strangulate me with misshapen clumps of cancerous cells.

This particular evening, he wants steak. Not having any, we proceed to hit every steak restaurant in town. We traveled to about four, all of whom were out of steak, before I started to have a panic attack. They're also all full up on a forty minute wait at most, and I can't wait in a restaurant. I've got horrible autism issues in regards to that sort of thing (you should see what happens when I have to go to a gas station I've never been to before). He motions with his hand and says it's find, we'll go out tomorrow, but no. In my autistic brain, I promised steak, and that means a fucking steak place. I run through the roster and suddenly remember one (Do not be fooled by the photography).

I head down towards the 417 and past the junk dealer, beyond the warehouse church, and instead of diving towards Oviedo, I veer off the road to a place where street lights do not shine. In the deep shadows I cruise, my car clattering with the sound of insects off the windshield and the roar of loose dirt beneath it. Both of my passengers begin to get worried. It's been ten years, but I still remember the way. We pass by trailers and decaying orange groves, flashing through a tunnel of swirling Spanish moss so thick it resembles bleak polyps in the depths of some ancient terror's digestive tract.

I turn at the airboat ride sign and plunge into a parking lot half buried in swamp. The dim light of the restaurant cuts through the night. We get out, and there is a lake off to the side, and what surrounds us is the very depth of Florida. He's got to get out carefully, but gets pushed out by my roommate. He staggers around for a moment, almost in awe and rage.

“This is it!” he shouts, waving his arms, “This is the end!”

“The end of what?” my roommate asks.

“The end of Florida! You've taken me to the Steak Restaurant at the End of Florida,” he screams again, and motions to the lake, “that is the edge of reality, the end of civilization. Over that way, right there, on the map, they'll have written 'Here Be Dragons!'”

I turn my head around. He's pointing at the gator pen, which he can't see from where he's at.

“You're gesturing at the gator pen, you know,” I respond.

“And that's my point!” he shouts again.

I want to tell him that this isn't the Steak Restaurant at the End of Florida, since that honor belongs to the Miccosukee restaurant, but we approach the entrance anyway. There's a brief moment of fear, since the glass windows are covered in so many midges it looks like gray carpet curtains from a distance, and the porch functions like an airlock to keep them out. We get inside, sit down, and wait for twenty minutes for the server. They have no steak, either. They ran out five minutes ago, in fact.

He screams. I bought a grill on Sunday.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Status

I have gotten my hands on the final copy of Ten-Ghost. It looks good, I approve, and am going to be getting thirty more copies of my own. This means that in about six weeks, it'll show up on Amazon as available. Everything is awesome, though I've been told my name is suited more for hard SF than fantasy.

I do have a few places I'm going to be sending one of the thirty copies I'm getting; otherwise, I'm not sure what to do with the rest.

Any ideas?
Sorry, some comics got transposed. Seems like what was supposed to be a few days from now just popped up a few days ago. Of course, the obtuse behavior of comicgenesis won't let me fix it.

Sorry about that.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Get Fanart

So, this fella on DevArt sent me some fanarts. It's a pretty awesome shoggoth kid.

He's got some cool nature photos up there, too, and some drawings of a really neat ooze headed character.

This current chapter's been a fight. A lot of things happened in rapid sequence that prevented me from doing full work on it, and so I'm only just wrapping up the art for it now. There's only a couple weeks of comics left before I absolutely have to work every day. Which is a shame, but I'm doing about two a day right now in the hopes that I can build it back up.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Final Cover is Fine, Too

So yeah. I squealed. With happiness.

So awesome.