Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Last night, I was having a dream where there were these cat-things that could turn inside out and were covered in bleached white bone, layered like kevlar and thick like teratomas on their bodies, and they were moving into towns and turning people into zombies (or something; they were more like a grotesque, bone-covered fey). This went on for some time. I was both watching and participating, as dreams are wont to do. There was a subplot involving a fire, about the size and shape of the fire from a welding torch, being passed around among the race of seven-eyed people. Anyway.

I woke up and had some sleep paralysis, because like a fuckhead I went to sleep on my back, so I couldn't move or breathe and still having the dream, watching it play while aware that I was unable to escape from these bone-things that were just outside my door, and I could hear this horrible scraping noise just beyond my head, and I couldn't figure out what it was.

Then the big cat jumped up back on the bed from going to the bathroom and tried to cuddle with my neck just as the sleep paralysis wore off, but I was still having the last vestiges of sensations from the dream.

So I grabbed her by the neck and rolled forward. Got all the way out of the covers and wrapped in the sheet with my hand still around her neck before I realized what I was doing.

She's safe, don't worry. Just that it was a little freaky.

At any rate, I now know that I'm safe from facehuggers.