Wednesday, July 31, 2013


To: Knife-Blackness Hand
re: Assassin.
Thank you for the lovely assassin. He was very surprising and managed to jump me in the produce section. Very spontaneous! I loved it. XXOXX

Dear Silver Sun Syndicate
I wanted to thank you for the most recent assassination attempt. She was very cute and good natured, I had a wonderful time. Very skilled with throwing daggers! Went to casino and left almost the entire room in shambles. Very good upper body strength, too!

To Shadow Demon Mafia
Most recent assassin was very nice. Very strong sniper rifle, possibly anti-tank? A good choice! Can't wait to see what's next! Keep up the good work!

To: AI teh_CUBE3K
re: Assassination
I wanted to thank you for the terror-doll you sent to my private airplane island. It managed to destroy seven of my robot guardians before I was able to identify it as the culprit and burn it in the incinerator while I shrieked in pain due to broken limbs and damage to my face. Tore up one of my favorite shirts with its knife, and managed to kill supporting male friend who died in noble, masculine sacrifice. Two thumbs up!

Dear Black Star Crew
VERY dissapointed with last assassin. Poison in my wine was very old hat. Not like Silver Sun Syndicate old-school with class, but killing my maid and dressing in her clothes did not look right on your assassin, who was a fifty year old man. Please try better next time. Perhaps mind control gun? Looked at RottenOmertas, noticed you had 37% metarating. I am available for consultation.

Dear Sky-Touching Nightravens
Thank you very much for last assassination attempt! Assassin was very classy, attacked me on board an airship with henchmen, which I fought one-on-one, hand to hand. Struck up witty banter and had excellent clothing. Gold plated luger was exceptionally well-shined. I thumbed you on RottenOmertas, can't wait for next attempt!

To Nightmare Syndicate
Wanted to thank you for contract killer in plaid suit. Had a very 1970s vibe and hijacked my facility PA system to play disco while he hunted me through blackened corridors with straight razor. Managed to drive male support character right into my arms. A+, would be hunted again.