Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dreams Last Night

1. A girl tries to go further underground with her family. Unfortunately, the pus-arms that come from the walls are following them. Also, there are many squeezers and abandoned brownstones where time-eating worms reside.

2. A movie about a girl with radiation based super powers comes out. She fights atomic mutants. Actually not that bad, and gave me some ideas for writing.

3. Two goofy guys move into an apartment complex dangerously close to a river. The man who owns that part of the river tries to go fishing there and wonders if he can plant corn in the part he owns. Goofy shenanigans ensue as they try to help the man, but some of the fish are endangered and also have faces like baboons. Also the neighbors are murderers.

4. This rocket has the tail of a crocodile and that's how it flies. I don't remember much else, other than what was happening on the rocket involved a lot of grinding noises and it woke me up. Went right back to sleep.

5. Someone kept turning everything that wasn't related to me off when I left the room. Everything, like particle spin and neural activity and ugh. Eventually everything was gone, and it was just a black, cold universe where only I existed and there was blundering around in the dark until I froze to death. This is when I woke up and got the day started.